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Hands Across the Sea is dedicated
to raising the literacy levels
of Eastern Caribbean children
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Some of the Most Rewarding Work You'll Find
There are so many ways to work hands-on with us to help raise the literacy levels of Caribbean kids—you'll find a few of the ways below. One thing we can say about all of them: it's rewarding stuff. Even if you are not able to come to the Eastern Caribbean yourself and get high-fived by a second-grader, we think you'll understand. Helping these kids, in whatever way you can, is something worth doing.
The Spark Plugs. Since 2007, we've worked with over 100 U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers, and they've become invaluable hands-on partners for Hands. U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers bring spark to a project, kick-starting the stalled hopes of schools and community programs, working alongside educators to raise reading levels of children and create or rejuvenate a lending library. With the Peace Corps' renewed focus on improving child literacy and assisting students and teachers in Grades K to 3, we expect our partnership with U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers to benefit even more children.
. . . by spreading the word
We've yet to find a caring person who does not believe in literacy and giving every child access to great books and a lending library. But there's a lot of people who don't know about Hands or about the child literacy situation in the Caribbean. So the way to help more kids is to get the word out. Tell your friends and business associates about Caribbean kids and what Hands is doing. Are you on social media? Start with our Facebook page. Thanks—we'll see you out there!
. . . by connecting the dots
Publishers, children's book authors, community libraries, Rotary Clubs—every literacy connection that can be connected should be connected. Have you found a good connection for Hands? Contact us.
The Drop-In Do-It-Alls. Sometimes they are a family that happens to be sailing by, and sometimes they are a couple on vacation at a local resort. We've enjoyed the hands-on help of many folks looking to go beyond the tourist experience and get their hands dirty—painting, building bookshelves, culling a library collection—or working directly with children (reading aloud) or educators (mentoring, listening, developing an ongoing relationship). Are you in the Eastern Caribbean during the winter months and ready to dig into some meaningful work? Contact us.
. . . by having some fun
A number of Hands supporters have raised funds and in-kind support for Hands—and had a good time doing it. Caribbean-themed cocktail parties, kid-run book drives (as-new children's books only, please), run, bike, swim, walk, crawl, sail, fly. We can supply you with Blu-Ray DVDs bursting with Caribbean kids and music, and the informational material you may need. Contact us.
. . . by getting creative
Some Hands supporters issue "matching grant" challenges. The American Sailing Association has held sweepstakes for Hands—the prize is a sailboat charter in the Caribbean or a week at a resort. What's up your sleeve? Contact us.
The Homeland Heroes. We are not promising glamour—most of our stateside work involves sorting and packing boxes with new books—but we can promise that the work you accomplish with your hands will shortly be in the hands of very excited Caribbean children. Can you drive to East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, and work half a day with us in the Harte-Hanks warehouse this summer? You will sort and pack some truly great children's books, and you'll know who they are going to. Interested? Contact us.
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