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Hands Across the Sea is dedicated
to raising the literacy levels
of Eastern Caribbean children
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When we started a non-profit whose success depends on complex fulfillment and shipment logistics, we hoped to find some angels out there who would turn our hopes into reality. Hands Across the Sea has been blessed right from the start with three highly professional, truly philanthropic companies who have fulfilled our mission: Harte-Hanks, Inc., AIT Worldwide Logistics, and Tropical Shipping. They've made dreams come true for Hands and for many thousands of Caribbean children
Give Us Sixteen Seconds...
...and we'll get your 24,000 pound shipment delivered to six islands in the Eastern Caribbean. We got this!
Harte-Hanks, Inc.
Warehouse Angels
Harte-Hanks is big—one of the world's largest marketing fulfillment companies, with 35 locations in the U.S., Europe, and Asia Pacific. Harte-Hanks offers warehousing, customized printing, postage and freight, production handling (pick and pack), process management, compliance, and online ordering services, all on a massive scale. Yes, the company is big—and Harte-Hanks people are big-hearted. Since 2007 they've given Hands a corner of a warehouse in their East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, facility for receiving, sorting, and packing the Hands Wish Lists shipments. And Harte-Hanks employees have pitched in to help, too. We simply would not be able to get books to Caribbean kids without the generous assistance of Harte-Hanks.
AIT Worldwide Logistics
Trucking Angels
AIT Worldwide Logistics is a global, full service transportation management provider serving just about every industry: aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, oil and natural gas, entertainment, fashion (textiles and garments), government, high tech, life sciences, perishables, printed matter, telecommunications, and trade shows. When AIT heard that Hands needed a way to get thousands of pounds of books from Massachusetts to Florida, they connected us to an 18-wheeler. AIT Worldwide has been behind us from the start—we couldn't fulfill the Hands mission without the truly philanthropic folks at AIT Worldwide.
Tropical Shipping
Ocean Freight Angels
Tropical Shipping is known all over the Eastern Caribbean for their fleet of ships that bring, well, everything to the islands. As a company, Tropical believes in giving back to the region. Their Freestay Caribbean program boosts tourism, and their Hurricane Central team provides first-responder recovery assistance to businesses, individuals, and governments after a catastrophic event. Tropical Shipping, another philanthropic angel, makes sure that every year's Hands Wish Lists shipment reaches each island—they get everything there fast, and they've never lost a single box!
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